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~Just As I Am~

As a passionate, driven, life-long learner, I have earned the following four degrees:

  • BS in Business Education, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA

  • MS in Computer Science, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA

  • Specialist in Educational Leadership (Educational Technology), Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA

  • EdD, Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University, FL


I am married to Sean Daigre, Sr. and we have two sons.

My passion is to “inspire people to become difference-makers in work and life.”


Hi, I'm Dr. Regina Daigre

Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker
inspiring students, educators, and leaders to

SOAR HIGHER they can find their "best fit and live their best life"


I grew up in an old unpainted, tin roof home without running water, heat, or an indoor bathroom neatly perched between a bayou and woods located off a graveled road at Route 2 Box 193C, Central Louisiana.

My life was filled with poverty, struggles, and setbacks but I adopted education as a solution to poverty at an early age gleaning wisdom from the teachings my parents and educators provided me. I lived each day with  an ABUNDANCE OF HOPE.

I  had my first speaking engagement around 5 years old. I can still see myself crying Niagara Falls tears gripped by fear the entire time while I was speaking. 

I overcame a speech impediment in 7th grade. Reluctantly, I gave the valedictorian speech and received a standing ovation. In addition to my speech impediment, coupled with poverty, I experienced fat shaming as a child. Determined to reimage myself, I went from 129 pounds to 103 pounds within one month prior to my 8th grade year. 

After this major victory of weight loss, I experienced the devastating loss of my mother when I was 14 years old.  My family life was shattered, which led me to leave home when I was 16 years old. Through kinship placement, I lived with my grandparents prior to my junior year in high school.

At the end of my junior year, I relocated from rural Central Louisiana with approximately 200 students in the entire high school to a metropolitan city with 233 students in my senior class. I graduated #3 out of 233.

Two months after graduating from high school, my second oldest brother, who was my guardian, was killed in an accident.  Because of trauma, struggles, and poverty, I was determined to earn a college degree. During college, I worked two sometimes three jobs while carrying 16 to 18 semester hours, but I finished.

Later, I married Sean Daigre, Sr. and we had two healthy sons. Life was great. But, in 2001, our home in Louisiana was flooded and under renovation. Then, while traveling to Atlanta, my entire family experienced a horrific SUV rollover on I-65 in Mobile, AL. The children were not injured and my husband had a few abrasions on his arm. Unfortunately, my body was traumatized and I incurred two broken legs, a crushed wrist, fractured fingers and toes, a shattered knee, and more. Bedridden, incapacitated, and wheelchair bound, I had to learn how to walk again.

Through triumphs, trials, and trauma, I forged my way through college to earn three advanced degrees with honors and an educational leadership certification.

Because of poverty, I am an overcomer.

Because of tragedy, I am resilient.

Because of trauma, I am a walking miracle.

I did not allow my situations to determine my outcome in life, but I used my struggles as stepping stones, energy, and momentum to soar higher.

~The Power of Hope~

Although Irene Randall McCrea never finished high school, she had hope for her daughters. Mama's last words before dying were, "I want my girls to finish high school and get a trade so they can take care of themselves". My mother had no idea about my plans for college.

It was my Mom’s words that stayed with me through triumphs, trials, and trauma that I often used to forge my way through this educational journey to earn my Bachelor's degree and three advanced degrees with honors. 

I have been graced to work in K12 as a Business and Computer Science Educator, Technology Trainer, a Department Chair, an eLearning Facilitator, and a Georgia Future Business Leader of America Board Member, State Adviser, Regional Adviser, and local Adviser.

In higher education, I have worked as a Professor of Business and Technology, Director of eLearning, and Professor of Online Education in Computer Science. Today, I am a CTAE School Motivational Speaker, Mindset for Success Specialist, and founder of Daigre Global, LLC.

As a driven CTAE Business & Computer Science Educator and Computer Science Professor, I have taught over 5,000 students in secondary and higher education and provided technology training for more than 3,000 K12 teachers and administrators.

Under my leadership as a CTAE Business & Computer Science Educator, I have

  • Recruited and mentored more than 500 students in Georgia Future Business Leaders of America

  • Governed more than 27,000 GA FBLA students as a GA FBLA Board Member

  • Provided leadership training to 7 GA FBLA Regional Officers and one GA FBLA State Officer

  • Prodiced 3 Governor’s Honors Executive Management Finalists

  • Produced  4 CNN Leadership Unplugged Finalists

  • Produced the one only ever CNN G5 Leadership Finalist who was also a CNN Leadership Unplugged Finalist

As a lifelong inquisitive learner, I have earned multiple certifications to include:

  • Game Changer Certified Speaker

  • Authorized Partner Everything DiSC - A Wiley Brand

  • Authorized Partner The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

  • KTS II Temperament Certified Professional 

  • Educational Leadership & Administration Certification, University of Georgia, USA

  • Georgia Educator Certificate in Educational Leadership (L7) 

  • Georgia Educator Certificate in Business Education (T7)

  • Louisiana Lifetime Teaching Certificate 


In November 2022, Dr. Regina Daigre became the first Black American ever elected to serve on the Fayette County Board of Education in Fayette County Georgia.

I did not allow my situations to deter my dreams. Yes, I experienced struggles, hardships, and trauma, but they did not hinder my belief in myself and what I thought was possible. I have used my pain to turn my struggles into triumphs, skid marks into trademarks, and trauma into an abundance of hope to soar higher in work and life. I am here to remind you, that you, too, can make a difference in work and life!

In him I live and move and have my being. I live in him and I cannot live without him.

Thank you Mama for the "power of hope". ~Dr. Regina M. Daigre~

Multi-storey Library
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Praise for Beyond the Bayou
A Journey of Resilience and Triumph

Join Dr. Daigre on this incredible journey and discover how to navigate  your path beyond the bayou of your own challenges, into the realm of endless possibilities. This book will inspire you, challenge you, and equip you to transform your life.

Are you ready to rise beyond your bayou?

"In the classroom of life, every hardship is a curriculum for growth."


Beyond the Bayou

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Grateful for My Journey


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